My Top Speech Topic

Personal finances education: a bridge for economic justice

Being a Latina, raised in poverty, I share my perspective about how basic personal finances education can make a difference in women´s lives in order to prevent domestic economic injustice.

Through this speech, I offer ways to help the audience learn the gap between women and men when it comes to financial literacy and being involved in money decisions among their families. I will identify personal finances education as one of the key strategies to help women prevent domestic economic injustice in their lives. The audience will learn how women can benefit from having personal finance education, no matter their actual level of finances knowledge, even without the need to go to college to get a degree.

Advocates, coalitions, and corporations will also learn the importance of building partnerships along the country to make that personal finance literacy grows with a multiplier effect in their own communities in order to contribute to improve economic security for domestic violence survivors. As a result of the workshop, women´s life will change since they´ll be empowered to take charge of their finances what will lead in decreasing the gap for economic justice.

Session Format: Workshop, breakout session, and keynote presentation

Target audience: Moms, advocates, coalitions and corporations

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